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Our Team

Andrius Užusienis


The brains behind our company and services. If you give this guy an idea, he will make it a reality in no time.

Uldis Žeidurs

Creative Director

Arts and Crafts Designer, Creator of Happiness. He designs and builds custom drones, he flies them, and he keeps the team organized. You need a drone – you get a drone. You need a pilot – you get a pilot.

Andis Everts

Director of Photography

Brand Warrior, Captain of Multitasking. Likes to fly, generate new ideas for operations, and great at making things happen. Pioneer of breaking ice, and handy with the necessary paperwork.

Aris Muitinieks

Director of Operations

Drone hippie, Realist. If you don’t know something about drones, ask Āris, he’ll teach you everything. He’s been in the hobby for countless years, helping both kids and adults to get off the ground.

Damārs Dundars

Administrative Services Manager

The new guy. Delivers everything on his first try. Doesn’t take no for an answer, a team player, and great support for everyone else.

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