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Capturing the action at a race, concert, festival or other large-scale events can be challenging. Photographs and video taken with traditional cameras may only catch limited parts of the action, and standard solutions for aerial photography can be difficult and too expensive to use for Events.

Using drone photography for events gives your audience a spectacular view of the action and scale of your event. DroneMedia’s team of drone camera operators is ready to provide you with best professional aerial drone photography and video production services for your event.

Drone Photography and Video for Races

When the racers are moving fast and your race covers large area, choose a drone photography company that can keep up with the action! We offer multiple drone and ground camera to cover your entire event, and experienced two operator drone teams to capture attractive close-up action drone video. Our experienced drone camera operators and in-house creative and editing team ensure proper planning, safe execution, and spectacular results that are guaranteed to wow your audience.
Give us the time and place, and we'll handle the rest!

Drone Photography and Video for Sporting Events

From the first play to the final seconds of the game, capturing the thrilling action on the field and the crowd's mood in the stands is critical for sharing the sport event experience. Aerial drone photography and video provides your spectators and audience with amazing unique views of the action and scale of your sporting event. Do you need to broadcast your sporting event live? Our comprehensive drone services include the capability of producing live broadcast-quality drone video for events, allowing you to share the action as it happens! Concerned about crowds? Our specialty 30x optical zoom stabilized drone cameras allow us to capture all the action from a safe distance.

Sports Facility Promo Videos

Our professional drone photography and video services and in-house creative and editing team are here to help you showcase your facility, promote your sport, build brand awareness, attract new visitors and members, and connect with your audience in a visually attractive and memorable way.

Drone Services for Concerts and Festivals

The atmosphere of a concert isn't limited to what's going on up on stage - without fully capturing the cheering, dancing crowds, you haven't truly captured the concert experience. Drone photography and video help faithfully reproduce the entire atmosphere and scale of your concert or festival.