Live footage from a drone?

Today, the bird’s eye view is almost a necessity if you wish to produce high-quality live streaming content. However, after years of various tasks in the drone industry, we’ve found that there are only a few options available to our clients regarding live footage from a drone. Besides that, these options are often unnecessarily costly and require additional preparations and equipment.

After talking to multiple experts in the industry and our clients as well, we’ve recognized the increasing need for such a service, therefore, more than a year ago we’ve promised ourselves to provide our clients with an easy and cost-effective solution to this issue. We are proud to present our DroneMedia 4G video encoders!

As happy as we are to finally release our product to the public, we understand that there’s a lot of questions. Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions:

  • Are the encoders compatible with all types of drones?

DroneMedia encoders are compatible with the most widely used drones, however, there are cases where our client wants to use a custom-built drone. There’s no need to worry, in case you use a custom-built drone, we can 3D print a custom case for you!

  • Does the encoder need a power source?

Yes and no. All of our encoders come with an inbuilt battery that can last up to 20min. of flight, but it can be extended with an external source, like a power bank.

  • How can I use it for live streaming?

It’s easy. Every encoder comes with a product ID. Using it you’ll be able to connect to our server and redirect the signal to multiple platforms at once.

  • How does it connect to the internet?

The device has a 4G SIM slot. This ensures maximum distance as well as quality to your live stream. Use your own or get in touch with us, we do offer an attractive data plan.